This is Kon Trubkovich

kon trubkovich

His work reminded me of something I did a few years ago and the dream like aesthetic that he is working with is also something of a parallel to earlier work but also to the work I am doing now. Does photography draw out a moment? or does it break up time, fracture and slice it.

Philospher Henri Bergson known for his work on the long ue duree or pure time believed that “rather than describe time……… snapshots cut into it, separating it from the perpetual flow(Groom, 2013, p.23).

Untitled (Red dust) by Riley Claxton 2012

Untitled (Red dust) by Riley Claxton 2012

The abstract photo of course has a timelessness about because of its non specificity but the fact that it is a photograph – managed by the camera’s adherence to shutter speed and apertures of light it is always a snap shot in time – there in perhaps lies the tension in these kinds of works

This video will work if you view/click watch on Vimeo

Groom, A. (2013). Time (1st ed., Vol. 1). Whitechapel.


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