The Pond – John Gossage

The narrative landscapes of John Gossage – this work strikes a chord with some work I am doing at the moment “documenting” a nature reserve in a green belt between a suburban neighbour-hood and an industrial area. Upon seeing this (book above) I see we have a penchant for similar terrain and while he is shooting in black n white I have chosen colour – but that is not important rather it is the sense of searching within the pictures that I see a common connection.

Gosaage seems to have a plaintive, mournful, almost heart rendering regard for this landscape. While at the same time it seems this very land is on the verge of forgetting the memories that Gossage’s camera has caught the last whisps of.

But is it Gossage who is capturing these images or is the land offering them up, giving them to the camera, after all what other photos could be taken from such a place.

Likewise the landscape I am documenting between the suburbs and an industrial area  (a sort of liminal zone) as you can imagine is not in the best shape. However it is in these places I find the solace of mystery and of things past. It takes me back to a child hood where I used to ramble down by the river bank, swim take car inner tubes for a ride on the river and generally fossick around.

This is also the land that Gossage is portraying and it is sitting some where behind the the thin veil of his black n white film and the absence of humans. Not that I take issue with the absence of humans but this certainly heightens the sense of decay.


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